IT was fifty five years ago that Joe Brown became a youthful star with the chirpy smash hit, A Picture Of You.

And Joe's still touring now, and he'll be heading to Cheltenham Town Hall, on March 1.

He took time out from his busy schedule to talk about what makes him tick.

Joe said of his latest show, called appropriately enough, Just Joe: “This is a show, it’s not a gig, it’s not a jam session – if I wasn’t a big ham it wouldn’t work.

“It’s fantastic to be out there in front of a thousand people who are listening to every word you say. It’s a funny old world – it’s not like I’m someone from a soap opera off the tele!”

The music veers from classic rock ‘n’ roll songs, such as Sea Of Heartbreak, to traditional tunes to something by Chas and Dave, who are big friends, to George Harrison, who was the biggest friend of all. George was even Joe's best man.

Joe said: "I’ll be playing most of my old hits but we’ll also be playing different stuff – a nice Italian waltz, an Irish jig...”

Moving away from pop after a string of hits he became a star of musical theatre, even performing alongside Dame Anna Neagle in Charlie Girl; and he appeared alongside Bob Hoskins in the thriller, Mona Lisa.

While never leaving the stage, Joe found a new lease of life as the 20th century came to a close, and Joe was not only playing sell-out tours but also popping up at festivals such as Glastonbury.

Joe’s family have joined the business too. Daughter Sam was a solo star while son Pete is both a musician and a producer. After the death of wife Vicki (herself a singer in groups such as the Vernon Girls), in 2000 Joe in married Manon Pearcey who had been the partner of Small Faces singer Steve Marriott. Now daughter Mollie Marriott is making her own records – and is part of the tight-knit Brown family unit, which includes seven grandchildren.

Joe Brown was award an MBE in 2009, for his outstanding career.

Tickets on 0844 576 2210.