MUSIC LOVERS at the Concert of Legends will not encounter reconstituted rat but the real thing, alive and kicking.

It's rare for a band that was formed in the 1970s to take to the stage now with the identical line-up; but apparently that's no problem for the Boomtown Rats.

A spokesman said: "They are as fresh, powerful and exiting now as when the Rats left a shocked Ireland in the late 70's and took on, then conquered the world with classic hit after hit

"You don't need to think about seeing this band, you have to see this band. Don't mess around thinking maybe next year. This is your rare chance to see one of the most respected, exciting, iconic bands of the last fifty years still creating their brand of rock and roll and successfully ramming it down everybody's throat."

The Boomtown Rats legendary original line-up still boasts Bob Geldof on vocals, Garry Roberts on guitar, Pete Briquette on bass and Simon Crowe on drums.

The spokesman added: "This is not a re-constituted form of The Boomtown Rats. This is The Boomtown Rats."

Concert of Legends takes place on Saturday, September 9.