UP and coming local band, Chevy Chase Stole My Wife, have their third CD to promote and a gig at the Marrs Bar to help launch it.

The Worcester-band which, in real life has no particular axe to grind with the Hollywood funnyman, comprises of Emma Howett (vocals/guitar); Saffron Box (bass/vocals); Stu Silcock (proper guitar), and Neil Burton on the drums.

Founded in 2013 “for fun times and strange but rocking, songs”, the band seems to have developed a general obsession with pineapples, awarding itself the “Best Pineapple Fight Award” four years ago and listing band interests as “dancing with pineapples, drinking gin and whipping our hair back and forth”.

You have been warned.

Another strong influence, in fact the only influence acknowledged by the band, is the comedian Harry Hill.

The combo’s new release goes by the name of Haitian Honeymoon and it will feature four songs, including This is Art Calling, Dust, Likely Story and I Fell In Love With A Tightrope Walker.

None of the songs appear to be about pineapples, however.

Emma said: “It’s been quite a long time in the making and it is the first release to feature Saff on bass, even though she’s been in the band for two years now!”

The launch will be at The Marrs Bar on August 5, from 8pm to 11.30pm.

Ruben Seabright will be supporting at the Marrs Bar.

The band will be backing the release up with some extra gigs, playing at Lakefest (August 11 to August 13), and at the Cellar Bar on August 25 for a ‘Girls who Rock’ night with Fight Rosa Fight.

Further details about the Marrs Bar gig at, http://www.marrsbar.co.uk/whats-on/