FANS of the Stranglers might want to hold their breath with anticipation, because a top tribute act of the post-punk new wave combo are coming soon to Worcester's Huntington Hall.

A spokesman said: "Straighten Out is the premier Stranglers tribute band out there. With an extensive set-list that spans two solid hours, they re-create the early-years sound of The Stranglers, complete with a keyboard rig that is the same model as the original used by Mr Greenfield himself in the 1970s."

The spokesman added: "Straighten Out – Live and Unleashed will take you on a nostalgia trip that transports you back to those raw, powerful, exhilarating times when The Stranglers emerged through the quagmire of mediocrity to produce some of the finest tunes ever written.

"The growling bass sound and the quirky guitar riffs are all there to be heard, as is the dual vocal attack from the two frontmen, a la Burnel-Cornwell, as they rip through all the classics: Peaches, Hanging Around, No More Heroes, 5 Minutes, The Raven, Walk On By, Straighten Out, Down In The Sewer and many more, covering virtually the whole of the first three Stranglers' albums and beyond."

The spokesman added: "Bassist Shaggy and keyboard player Mick (‘The Doc’) were together in previous Stranglers tribute band For More Heroes, and it was only natural that these two continued on after the band’s demise to form Straighten Out, given their love of Stranglers music and desire to keep playing live. They set the platform with the growling bass and the swirling keyboard sound so essential to reproducing the authentic Stranglers sound, and they are joined by the powerhouse Casey on drums and Phil who provides the Hugh element and completes this fearsome foursome."

This event is part of the Worcester Festival, running from August 12 to August 28.

The date for the diary is Saturday, August 12, from 7.30pm.

For more information about this event or the Worcester Festival, pick up an event guide at Huntingdon Hall or go to the festival website:

Tickets are available from the Box Office, on 01905 611427