OMG - the eighties synth pop legends known as OMD will soon have a new album out, and it's called The Punishment of Luxury.

Those who are not fans of eighties synth pop might say that's punishment enough; but fans who know their Moogs from their Korgs should note there's a tour on the way, with a Brum date in the pipeline.

A spokesman said: "The Punishment of Luxury’ is written, recorded, produced and mixed by OMD – Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys- pairing crushing electro rhythms with characteristically serene melodies sounding unapologetically electronic.

"The track and album are named after an 1891 painting by the Italian divisionist Giovanni Segantini that caught Andy’s eye.

Andy said: "Most people in the western world are materially better off than their predecessors ever were and yet we are unhappier. Now we have many possessions that we don’t need because we’ve been persuaded to buy. This is the punishment of luxury.”

The album will be released on September 1.

The Birmingham date will be in The Symphony Hall on November 21.