IF Black Grape were fine wine, they'd be in the vintage category by now, not least because they are about to release their first new album for two whole decades.

A spokesman said: "Black Grape return with the brand new album ‘Pop Voodoo’, which will be released on UMC (Universal Music) on August 4.

"The album showcases the band’s first new material in 20 years and is sure to reinstate them as one of the most influential bands of all time."

The spokesman added: "They always were a grimily cosmic musical jigsaw, melding rock, hip-hop, acid house, psychedelic pop and reggae with Shaun Ryder’s gutter poetry, delivered in his inimitable shyster’s bark. Album opener and teaser track ‘Everything You Know Is Wrong - Intro’ sees the band launching into a statement of intent in which cultural icon Shaun Ryder takes sharp aim at Donald Trump. The forthcoming album is testament to Ryder’s reigning social and political commentary."

The spokesman added: "Ryder’s triumphs, struggles and diversions have been well documented. The usual contract and money hassles, a best-selling account of life in the Mondays, a stunning electropunk album from nowhere in Amateur Night in the Big Top, a serious and informative investigation of UFO’s as an author and broadcaster, a reality TV bon vivant and now, a life as a clean-living family man, which has supplanted his old ways. In 2005 he sang lyrics on the Gorillaz track ‘Dare’ which delivered the band their only No.1 single off their debut album. And of course, there was the reformation of the Happy Mondays in 2012.

"Ryder has grown from a wild young tearaway into a British National Treasure."

Commenting on the new album, Ryder said: “We had a great time making the album - we wrote, recorded and mixed it within four weeks.”

Fans can catch up with the band at a signing on August 9, at the HMV store in Birmingham.