JULY will prove to be a special month for fans of the Pet Shop Boys, whether they are West End girls, East End boys, or live in Worcester instead.

The laconic synth-pop combo are set to reissue all their studio albums, from 1985 to 2012, and a lot more besides, and three albums will set the ball rolling.

A spokesman said: "Pet Shop Boys are pleased to announce ‘Catalogue: 1985-2012’, a very special series of reissues of all their studio albums released on Parlophone. This definitive edition will feature each album from the duo’s peerless discography on the label, remastered and accompanied by ‘Further listening’ albums of master quality bonus tracks and demos created in the same period of time as each album, as well as Pet Shop Boys own remixes of their tracks.

"Many tracks are being released for the first time. Each album will be packaged with an extensive booklet in which Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe discuss each song, illustrated with many archive photographs. The entire project is designed by Farrow.

The reissue series begins on July 28, with the release of three very different-sounding PSB albums: ‘Nightlife’, ‘Release’ and ‘Fundamental’.