A GREEK classic, Sophocles’s Antigone, will be tackled by Malvern Theatres Young Company, who will then make their debut with the production at Edinburgh Fringe.

A spokesman said: “Demonstrating the clash and interweaving of human passions and failings, this production of Sophocles’ deeply poetic tragedy promises to bring into focus the timeless conflict between the needs of the individual and those of the state. The story of one sister’s loyalty to both her brothers, regardless of their acts or opposing political beliefs, Antigone is one of the most consistently popular plays in the history of drama.”

Malvern Theatres Young Company was formed in 2012 by director Nic Lloyd with the aim of giving aspiring young performers aged 16 to 24 the opportunity to work in a professional theatre environment.

Malvern Theatres Young Company has been praised for its outstanding drama and storytelling and for the way it brings narratives to life with dynamism and poignancy.

The spokesman added: “Emily Henry (Antigone) and Toby Burchell (Creon) return following their “moving and convincing” (behindthearras.com) performances as Elizabeth and John Proctor in last year’s production of The Crucible. “

Director Nic Lloyd added: “I’ve always been fascinated by Greek drama and particularly by Sophocles’ poetic tragedy Antigone. I’m delighted to be working with this exceptional group of young actors as they seek to illuminate the play’s universal themes, in particular the timeless conflict between the individual and the state”.

Antigone will be on stage at Malvern Theatres from Wednesday August 8 to Friday August 10.

Admission will be free, but donations will be welcome in support of future Malvern Theatres projects.

The company will then make its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe.