THE latest offering from The Colwall Players should appeal those who think the NHS is no laughing matter, and to those who think it is.

A spokesman said: “It’s a hospital drama, yes, but Visiting Hour is not in the mould of Holby City or Casualty!

“Six interlinked plays set in a National Health hospital are alternately funny and sad - with elements of tragedy and comedy in each. You will be reaching for the Kleenex one minute and rolling in the aisles the next.”

The spokesman added: “Written by Richard Harris, author of Outside Edge and Stepping Out, our play charts the activities of the Ward occupants during visiting hour. New friendships are formed, relationships are explored and the chaos that well-meaning, and not so well-meaning, visitors bring with them at visiting time is some-how handled.

“Helen visits her husband, hospitalised after a car accident. She is obviously concerned, but what was he doing in a remote country lane without his trousers?”

The spokesman added: “Pauline talks to her mother about her illness, but all is not quite as it seems; Pauline is harbouring conflicting emotions and a strange compulsion. And Brenda’s visitors are supposed to be cheering her up; but are they really? Hospitals may change, but the visitors are always the same.”

Performances will take place on May 31, June 1 June and June 2 at 7.30pm in The Village Hall, Mill Lane, Colwall.

Tickets from 01684 540300.