A MALVERN mum given two months to live at the end of June has renewed her appeal to help fund private treatment for triple negative breast cancer.

Lauren Maddock, 28, hit her £50,000 target to head to Mexico for pioneering treatment that is not available on the NHS but was too ill to travel.

In the meantime she has been utilising private treatment options, including capsules that cost £2,500 per month, to get back to a level of health that would allow her to go.

She was hit with the devastating news this week that her cancer had spread, trebling in her liver.

However, Lauren refuses to give up hope as she battles to see seven-year-old daughter Penny and four-year-old son Arthur grow up and has asked for extra help to buy time and explore more treatment options.

“I have not specified an amount yet but more donations to the PayPal account would be so wonderful right now,” she said.

“The capsules alone cost me £2,500 per month so the £50,000 is running out.

“We've had more terrible news that the cancer has spread. We are shocked and devastated as I've been trying so hard, clearly not hard enough.

“We are a strong family, I have a strong mind but my body is weak. I look well, I know I do, I take care of our nutrition and research as much as I can but I still need help.

“Liver transplant, bone marrow, Gerson therapy, oxygen chambers, intravenous vitamin C and D, I need it all and more I may not yet know about it.

“Please help anyway you can. Share, study, donate, I'll be forever grateful and so will my family.

“I’d always do anything for just one more day.”

Lauren was first diagnosed with cancer in November 2019 and was given six months to live in early June but more recent tests showed her prognosis to be more precarious.

To donate to Lauren's cause, head to her PayPal page