A BIG bream secured a shocked Lee Harman the Derek Evans Trophy on the River Avon at Cropthorne.

A good number of Malvern Anglers turned out for the match which was limited to float only methods.

But with persistent rain throughout and river levels low and clear conditions were not ideal.

Harman was struggling to catch small fish on very light pole tackle. But he was then surprised when he hooked into a large bream which he eventually managed to land.

This fish alone was a major part of his winning weight of 5-12-0.

Paul Lane caught a number of small fish on pole fished maggot but then changed to worm to find several good sized perch for a second place weight of 4-4-0.

Chris Loveridge used a waggler float with maggot bait to accumulate a number of small chub to finish with 3-8-0 for third place.

Results: 1. L Harman 5-12-0, 2. Lane 4-4-0, 3. Loveridge 3-8-0, 4. Richards 2-8-0, 5. Elston 1-10-0, 6. C Harman 1-2-0, 7. Nigel Bayliss 1-1-0, 8. Goddard 1-0-0, 9. Shaw 0-12-0, 10. Rees 0-8-0.