HEREFORD FC manager Pete Beadle says he is happy with his squad and is in no rush to sign any new players.

The Bulls midfield has been subject to criticism from some supporters this season, but Beadle is confident his team will get their mojo back once everyone is back fit.

"Looking at the squad we had no centre-halves to now five, so that may have to change, but I'm happy with what I've got," said Beadle.

"The midfield has not been at full strength and hasn't been able to get any momentum.

"The front four has been very flat and we haven't been creating a lot of chances and scoring many goals.

"But we do need to get the momentum back because we're not quite there.

"The team won back-to-back promotions but this has been the first time in a couple of seasons that we've been up against it.

"We are doing ok and the one positive thing is that we have played two teams who were in the play-offs and have lost one game in five matches."