I wrote this blog having had a very early start to lead my troops in launching Operation Christmas Crackdown targeting those who cause most harm to our communities.

I must admit at 5am on Monday morning as I was de-icing my car I was thinking if I've got to get up this early those who cause misery to others can have an early wake up call too! More than 40 officers took part in the day, including two rookie cops with both the Chief Constable and Deputy Chief Constable joining us on the raids!

Anyway there was a real buzz around the nick with 10 people locked up, stolen property recovered and illegal drugs seized.

Hopefully you may have also seen my officers as you travelled to work or school denying criminals the use of the roads.

Local policing officers have also been out and about throughout the day making our city, towns and villages feel that bit safer.

December is probably the busiest month for policing as together with the Safer Roads Partnership we also running our annual Drink Drive campaign.

We are already into double figures in terms of the people arrested across South Worcestershire so please make sure you are not the next one to put someone in danger and lose your licence! There's no rest for the wicked and this weekend sees the launch of Operation Christmas Presence. Recognising that most people will be in good spirits and simply wanting to have a good time this operation seeks to put more police officers on the streets at key times and at specific locations in order to keep people safe.

Finally, having finally dragged myself into the 21st century, I am looking to host only the second webchat West Mercia Police later today between 7pm and 8pm here. I am always encouraging my officers to find new and creative ways to engage with the public.

I am particularly keen to communicate with young people. I recognise that many people prefer to use the internet and social networking to communicate.

The webchat provides another way hearing what the public have to say about policing With all this going on, it's no wonder I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet!

So before I head for the shops may I take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.