"Well, another busy weekend here at South Worcestershire Police with Halloween, which thankfully didn’t give us any nightmares this year with only minor disorder reported.

We now move onto bonfire night this weekend which will hopefully pass without too much of a bang! Remember, have fun, but stay safe!

Last week we also dedicated a day to tackling metal theft.

Driven by the economy, metal theft has become a real problem and we are determined to crack down on those who choose to engage in this sort of criminality, risk their own safety, and the safety of others, and cause misery by stealing copper wire, statues, drain covers and even door knockers.

The day was very successful with a number of rogues stopped and checked over.

On a lighter note, as I write this blog my legs are aching and my pride is a little damaged having taking part in a community football match against some young men from Tolladine, Worcester. Unfortunately, the police side got played off the park and walloped something like 10-1 (I lost count in the end!).

Still the game was played in a terrific spirit and reinforced the great relationship the Local Policing Team has with the lads in the area. If you would forgive a spot of indulgence I also had my moment of fame this week by doing a piece for the BBC about how the police deal with offenders.

For a few minutes my office was turned into a TV studio, very much a case of ‘lights, camera, action!’.

So, if you really have nothing better to do this Sunday morning look out for me on the Midlands Politics Show. I promise not to let the fame go to my head!