I was delighted to be called into the Superintendent’s office when walking past.

Finally, someone had taken notice of my ideas to reduce bureaucracy by disbanding HQ.

But no, my CSE in English studies meant that my skills as a writer were being called into service. Therefore, I am delighted to launch this blog.

So who am I? I am the District Police Commander for the Wychavon District.

That means that I am responsible for all the uniformed policing services in Droitwich, Pershore, Evesham and all the villages in the surrounding area.

During my 22 years service I have served in all of the police stations in Worcestershire.

Perhaps the powers that be have been trying to tell me something?

I have always seen the police service as a vocation, having been born into a police family.

My grandfather worked with Dixon of Dock Green, and my father worked for Gene Hunt.

On a Sunday I really am able to ask if things were better in the good old days, and get a critical view of what we as a service are doing today. So where is this all going and what are we going to talk about? Not sure yet - probably a mix of old fashioned sensible advice, lock your door, keep 'em peeled etc, but hopefully also more than that.

To some degree I hope to pick up on some of the themes that you are talking about, and give a police perspective on them.

As far as I can, I believe in telling it as I see it, and I hope to bring the same style to this blog. More later...

In the meantime, lock your door, keep 'em peeled etc.