Christmas is fast approaching, and we are now into the party season. Whilst I want everyone to have a good time, please keep yourself and others safe. I am often asked how much someone can drink before they exceed the legal driving limit. My answer – don’t drink any alcohol if you are driving!

Before setting out, decide who the nominated driver is going to be or take a taxi or bus. This may cost you a little more, however will save you a lot in the long run, maybe even your life.

We are having our annual Christmas drink driving and drug driving enforcement campaign, so if you do drink, be warned: we are out there and the chances are you will get breathalysed!

You will have probably seen the Worcester News front page recently where my Local Policing Teams and I have been out checking vehicles again, looking for rogue scrap collectors and vehicles that have motoring offences. It was a real pleasure to work with all the other agencies that came and it is something that we will be doing again soon, especially after a positive response from the public.

My staff will tell you that I do have a few foibles and pet hates.

One of them is cars for sale on the side of roads, or on roundabouts. Something small you might think, however just think of the issues that they cause. As a local resident to the area, would you like this vehicle on the road for days or even weeks? Does it obstruct your view of the road, which is an offence? There is also a local byelaw that the council can use where it can be classed as street trading without a licence with a fine of up to £1,000. So please sell your vehicle responsibly.

I just thought I would leave you with another funny story. One of my officers went to a house for a visit. The occupant kindly moved her clean laundry off a chair so she could sit down. After the visit, my officer got as far as the front door before she was stopped and asked for a bra back. It was only attached to her baton! That could have raised a few comments if it hadn’t been spotted… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – have a safe and enjoyable festive season.