I have written this month’s blog with the snow falling and the Hills looking down at me almost imposingly.

Having arrived in the summer and sat in their shade this is the first winter’s opportunity I have had to see why they hold such a special place in so many people’s hearts, why visitors flock to see them and many people retire here.

We are truly lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

That is why your Policing Team are committed to keeping the status quo.

It’s a funny old business Policing as I have touched on before.

Just prior to Christmas we held a Day targeting those who cause most harm to our communities by committing crime and displaying anti-social behaviour.

This was a successful force wide operation. In south Worcestershire it resulted in 13 people being arrested as Officers discovered everything from cannabis to class A drugs including crack and heroin and a loaded crossbow.

Locally we executed a drugs warrant, which was featured in a high profile photograph in the Worcester News.

On one level this resulted in members of that community both emailing me and personally thanking the Team for their positive action.

On a another level it produced a letter to the local press asking whether this was a constructive use of Police resources and, I quote whether “the Police have nothing better to do than spend their time and money looking for a little bit of cannabis in a wardrobe”.

I would welcome the author of the letter to come and discuss the issues raised with me.

But, and I make no apologies for this, when a community suffers the harm and disruption that drug usage causes and it is reported to me with intelligence to support the allegation I will make it the business of the Police at Malvern to disrupt such activity.

To keep you up to date with the metal theft situation. We have seen some thefts of air conditioning units from premises throughout the town.

One of the most significant was the targeting of Malvern Splash.

I am saddened that the thoughtless acts of a minority can have such an effect on so many.

If you have such property which is easily accessible then please look at your security arrangements and if you would like some specialist advice please make contact with any of the Team and we will be happy to assist.

On a positive note we have arrested a male from the Wet Midlands area who is currently on bail pending forensic enquiries.

Please continue to be alert and report anything suspicious.

We would far rather come out to a false call made with good intent than to record details from a victim or witness after the event that was hesitant to call in at the time.

On a lighter note the planning and preparation of the Emergency Services and Community Open Day are gathering pace and it has to be said is causing me some sleepless nights.

Surely it’s just a case of asking the Fire brigade to pop along with a big red engine.

Oh no it’s far more complicated than that. Have we got enough loos? Who’s going to organise the colouring competition? And the big one – is the Police horse that Avon and Somerset have promised us going to mange to get here without being diverted to a football match down south at the last moment?

I am assured by all those I have dragged in to the process that it will be alright on the night! I am keeping everything crossed.

Next week will be half –term - how can that be I’ve only just discarded the Christmas tree? The Tuesday of that week is the anniversary that all star crossed lovers long for – Valentines Day.

To link in with this my colleagues at Worcester have set up a fantastic initiative “Love your home”.

It is shop in the Crown gate Shopping Centre and is a great opportunity for you to go along and see all those people in the know who can give some really sound advice about home and general security.

Some of our Malvern team will be there so you might spot a face you know and I am assured there are some freebies to be had.

So if you get chance pop across and visit. The event runs from 14th to 18th February during the day and I’m sure you’ll find something there that you love!!