THE view from the cemetery is really spectacular: be sure to enjoy it before the trees regain their spring and summer foliage and much of the panoramic display is hidden.

Across the road from the cemetery, Christ Church continues with its services.

On Wednesday at 9.30am is the village prayer gathering.

Anyone is welcome. This Sunday is the Family Communion service, also at 9.30am.

Special Lent bible studies are being conducted in residential homes by the Reverend Howard Mayell every Tuesday morning.

Phone Brian on 01531 633540.

The Curious Blend coffee morning is this coming Thursday from 10am to noon.

The Farmers Arms has been closed and locked for several months now, but it has housed one special resident for 31 days. When Kuching went missing, Susan and Edward Shirley searched everywhere for him.

It was a local resident who caught a glimpse of him through the window of the pub and at last he was reunited with his anxious owners.

On a personal note, well done Mathew on being married to me for 38 years today.

VALERIE CLARK 01531 630257