ABOUT 230 large fish which became stranded on the banks of the Severn at Upton following the recent floods have been safely returned to the water, the Environment Agency has reported.

As flood waters receded, hundreds of fish, including large bream and carp became stranded on both Upper and Lower Ham and nearby fields.

Up to 1,000 fish became trapped in pools, ditches and behind mesh fences, leaving them at risk of dying unless they were moved quickly.

More than 125 stranded fish were removed from shallow water and returned to the river by Environment Agency fisheries officers and volunteers and had been hoped the remaining fish would be able to return to the river naturally, through ditches and streams.

But this was not to be the case and nets and electric fishing equipment were used to move the remaining fish to the river. About 100 fish, the majority bream with about 35 carp and two pike, were rescued.