REVISED plans have been submitted to develop a contentious site in Hayslan Road, Malvern.

Edgeworth Estates wants to demolish the bungalow at 24 Haylsan Road and replace build 12 three and four-bedroom homes on the 1.1 acre site.

The developer previously submitted plans for 15 homes, but has revised its proposals when it became apparent that a small portion of the land it wanted to develop is classed as “urban area green space” and therefore cannot be reclassified for residential use.

Residents of Hayslan Road objected to the original plans, claiming that the large houses proposed were out of keeping with the area and that local roads are not equipped to deal with the extra traffic such a development would bring about.

In support of the application the developer states that the site lies within “an established residential area” and that the two-storey buildings proposed reflect the existing character of the area and are compatible with properties in Hayslan Road and Eversley Close.