A SPEECH about the jailed Malvern animal rights protestor Sean Kirtley proved to be the flashpoint at Saturday’s mass demonstration outside the Sequani laboratory in Ledbury.

Around 200 protestors turned up for “The Carnival Against Vivisection” and in support of Kirtley, who was jailed for four and half years this summer for his part in a campaign against Sequani.

Only 15 protestors had been allowed by police to protest outside the plant itself, off the Bromyard Road.

The rest were told to gather at the entrance to Ledbury’s town trail, opposite the train station.

This group was addressed by one protestor with a megaphone, who spoke about Kirtley.

With a cry of “let’s go!” the group then surged down the Bromyard Road towards the plant, and pushing broke out.

Police were seen handcuffing a number of protestors.

In total, five arrests were made.

Two protestors have been charged with public order offences, two have been cautioned and one released on bail, as police enquiries continue.

A march through Ledbury town itself was led by police motorcyclists and proved to be peaceful.

Many of the protestors were dressed in black and green.

A number were beating drums, sounding airhorns and waving flags and placards.

Several placards contained the phrase, “Free Sean Kirtley.”

Kirtley appealed against his sentence in June.