HAVING retired last year, both my wife and I have been tracing our family trees.

Also, I have been looking back over the many happy memories I have visiting my grandfather at a farm, (he had an old bus converted to a caravan) near a pub called the Rising Sun.

This pub was very near the farm which as I recall was called White Farm.

I suppose this distance would bee less than a mile or so, as we used to walk to it.

I happily sat on the pub’s door step and drank my Vimto and ate my crisps with the little salt pack twist in blue waxy paper.

We also climbed a hill which had some sort of plaque on it as I remember, You could see for miles.

Could you help me locate this area/pub and farm, as I would love to return there after so many years. 58/59 years have passed by and I still fondly remember those visits to see my grandfather and would love to visit “memory lane”.

Michael Parrott
Derby 01332 799230