THANK you to all the supporters of Circus Mondao who attended our performances while in Malvern, we had a great time.

I am writing in reply to Roberta Balfour and Pauline Burgess who do not agree with our lovely animals being in our circus.

You obviously have never looked behind the scenes of our circus and seen for yourself how happy and healthy all our animals are.

Yes you did stand on our gate and hand out leaflets and shout abuse at people. Shame on you, where did you get your facts from?

I would like to state none of our animals are kept in vehicles, they are housed in stables and during the day go out grazing in paddocks They travel in purpose-built horseboxes, live in purpose-built stables and are attended by competent staff.

If you had even bothered to take a drive past in the day time you would have seen all our animals outside enjoying the sunshine.

But no, you prefer to believe what some animal rights group wants you to believe and what they put on their leaflets.

Also to say you cannot believe the showground letting this event happen makes me laugh. Every year there are a number of events held on this ground involving animals performing and being jumped, shown, driven and ridden – the list goes on, but you victimise us because we are a very small minority.

All I ask is for people to find out the facts and not to believe what is publicised in the British media. Circus is a great British tradition.