MY husband and I moved to Malvern 18 months ago from a village on the edge of Solihull.

We were delighted to be moving to such a beautiful area with the Malvern Hills, rural views over the Severn valley and the bird life that we can see from our house.

In such a conservation area we were heartened by the strict regulations concerning planning and the preservation for trees and the countryside.

We were impressed to read about the fines that are incurred if planning permission is not sought for tree felling and felt confident that this beautiful area was protected.

Regrettably our optimism was misplaced. Far from the enjoyment of the wild life and birdsong, we are greeted on most mornings by the incessant whine of chain saws.

As my husband observed he has never heard so many chain saws in operation in his life as in the Wells.

Solihull appears to manage very efficiently in regulating the destruction of trees without the much vaunted title of “Conservation Area.”

Since our arrival there have been constant applications from property speculators who have ambitions to build on fields and green areas around the slopes of the Hills.

There appears to be no justification for these activities other than financial speculation as many of the houses on sale when we moved are still available.

The pressure for homes in the area would appear to be generated solely by greed and the prospect of building homes for commuters to nearby towns and cities.

The protection and preservation of this valuable tourist and recreation area appears to be of secondary consideration and weak-kneed at the least.