IT is a known fact that Herefordshire Council is asset-stripping.

The planning officers have strongly recommended that both Tesco and Sainsbury’s planning applications be refused.

It has been rumoured for some time now that they want to develop the Lawnside Car park area into a retail centre by getting rid of our swimming pool, youth centre, fire brigade, ambulance,community hall, BT exchange.

The rumour is no longer because at the planning application for Sainsbury’s meeting, planning officer Roland Close admitted that this area should be developed into a supermarket.

Has he some hidden agenda of his own? This would be in the middle of a conservation area which is one of his objection to Sainsbury’s.

This would certainly impact the “viability and vitality” of the town centre, his favourite words. He says Sainsbury’s application to develop Galebreakers land would lose employment land. Can you tell me what is 220 jobs nothing more than employment.

I for one will be against this if it come to development.

This is my opinion and not that of Ledbury Town Council MAURICE HARDING Chairman of Planning, Ledbury Town Council