Behaving badly

10:56am Friday 14th July 2006

I have to reply to David Judson (Your Letters, July 7). I feel he is being unreasonable when he insinuates that the Conservators are not trying to keep the Hills clean.

I have been walking the hills regularly for about three years. During this time, I have seen disgraceful amounts of litter left by people "enjoying themselves", particularly at Gullet Quarry.

However, within 24-hours these eyesores have usually been cleared up. But why should our Council Tax have to be used to clean up behind these unreasonable people? The Conservators have more important things to do than pick up litter.

If Mr Judson is suggesting that the Conservators are not doing sufficient as regards safety, I think he is just jumping on the `Nanny State' Bandwagon.

As he stated, "all water is dangerous....". So why does he not expect the general public to use their common sense? Is he suggesting that Gullet is a suitable pool for young children to swim in, or would further signs make it safe? Is he aware that the life-belt at Gullet, which has been vandalised many times, has now disappeared?

If everyone who used the hills behaved responsibly and took their litter home, the hills would be a far more enjoyable experience for a lot more visitors.

Stephen Currill, The Rhydd, Hanley Castle


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