I REALLY cannot understand why consideration is being given to Ledbury Cricket Club and builders to put 100 new houses there.

We have had many meeting in Ledbury when we, the residents, were told that 1,000 houses were to be built and where they were going.

In these meeting it wad decided by the people of Ledbury that they did not want any houses on either the football club or the cricket club.

However, Herefordshire Council eventually decided that we would have 8oo new houses north of the viaduct.

The football club fought against the developers and won.

The cricket club let it be known they were open to offers and willing to leave the current ground if the offer was right.

They have now been offered what I call a bribe to move.

This, I understand, means a new ground with clubhouse, changing rooms and showers. No consideration to the people of Ledbury.

Maurice Harding