MALVERN is now labelled one of the most expensive small towns in England in which to live.

Why, you may well ask. As we are only a small town, our costs should not be that high.

Think again. As a small community we have one of the most expensive councils in the country.

This council employs a number of executives, all earning well over £60,000 a year, with a chief executive earning well over £100,000 a year.

This number of executives exceeds the number of executives employed by much larger councils. Why?

In addition to this, our esteemed councillors give themselves a rise any time they feel like it, regardless of requests from central government to cut their spending, or with any thought to the pockets of local residents.

Further, any councillor whose face fits seems to be given portfolios despite having only been a councillor for less than a year and with no experience whatsoever in this position. Still, they are of the party so let them have two or three thousand more a year.

For a small council they are spending our money without compunction, it would seem.

Isn’t about time the activities of this council were thoroughly investigated?

Mike Charles