Sir - I note that there will be a by-election in the Wells ward on 07.08.14 following Cllr. Cheeseman's death.

I have read with interest the details of the five candidates, Labour, Lib. Dem., Independent, Conservative and U.K. Independence Party.

They all undertake to try to protect the environment and essential local services. They have all lived and worked in the area for a number of years and some have served as local councillors. I notice that the Lib. Dem. candidate grew up in army bases across the U.K. and Europe.

Undoubtedly local councillors first and foremost ought to have local issues at heart . However we are all significantly affected by the wider "problem" as I regard it of EU membership. I am sure that Richard Spencer will have this essential matter very much in mind if and when he is elected to serve in Malvern Wells ward.

I shall not have the opportunity to cast a vote but I have every confidence that candidate Richard Spencer will be very conscious of the possible effects of E.U. membership in Worcestershire if he is elected to serve as councillor in Malvern Wells.

Wendy Hands