SHOWING true love for small animals is so heart-warming; rescuing them from sometimes appalling circumstances, providing medical treatment, finding fosterers and a family to adopt them, that is pure magic in terms of human kindness, and that is exactly what is happening here in Poolbrook, Malvern.

Established in January 2014, Rabbit Rescue and Friends has an acute crisis – 22 rabbits, a vet’s bill of £150 and in desperate need of hay, sawdust, rabbit food and fruit and veg.

Prior to re-housing via adoption, foster carers are urgently sought to get skittish rabbits used to being handled and groomed.

Rabbits are available for adoption; for wellbeing they are in pairs, the males having been neutered.

Anyone wanting to know more, donate or help with publicity of this crisis can either email myself (I will put you in touch) or Mrs Jai Barnes

It makes me very proud to be able to intervene with a little awareness, when this otherwise wonderful project is under such dire threat; with the winter approaching and an influx of rabbits anticipated, your immediate support would be so much appreciated.

Martin Lawrence