IT was interesting to see an American perspective as regards the soon-to-be-breathless people around Haysland field, once it has been put into the much-needed housing stock in Malvern's hour of need, rather than provide yet another set of lungs for the locals.

I have always found their argument a bit thin on the grounds of need, as the whole of the town is a huge green lung (that much-abused phrase).

But what a sad man is Greg Ashteron, our resident of two years! He has still not learnt that American society is a poor example for anybody, anywhere.

Even a lot of Americans say that – my own relatives included. Of course, the field is not up for grabs, and rightly so. I totally agree with him on that, but we don't need to terrorise anybody.

The lesson he still has to learn is that when we regard other people as some sort of threat, we damage our own peace of mind.

By making life good for others we can experience the pleasure of giving something worthwhile, and better still, it usually costs us nothing.

One of the glories of British life has been that we have been tolerant of others, keen to help and friendly until proved wrong.

When the Bible said, "The love of money is the root of all evil", is that not the same thing as saying the love of possessions? Lighten up, share, be happy.

Trevor Parsons

West Malvern