FIRST it was Peter Atkins telling us the public shouldn’t be allowed on Hayslan Field (Letters, July 4).

He was unaware who owned it despite a large notice telling us at the entrance.

He has no concept of public footpaths, of which there are several on the fields.

Then our American cousin tells us how things are done better in the USA. I look forward to him telling us how to operate gun control and replacing the NHS with the American government healthcare system.

Finally, Angela Smith (Letters, July 11) admires Malvern St James’ dignified silence. Although they did say they needed the £10 to £15 million selling the fields for development to fund bursaries! How many disadvantaged Malvern children will benefit?

They all miss the point. Our town is characterised by Lady Foley and the Conservators' work in preventing quarry owners from destroying our lovely hills.

Today it is opportunistic developers who replace the quarry owners.

Hayslan fields is designated an urban open green space with public footpaths that allow people to enjoy them, and should remain so.

If Mr Atkins wants to have the public in his garden then he should apply for a footpath, but I bet it wouldn’t give half as much pleasure as those on Hayslan Fields.

Jeff Williams