THREE of us from Cartwright Court were walking in Priory Park on our way to see Macbeth at the theatre a fortnight ago when a man came cycling far too fast over the wooden bridge and made a turn taking him round onto the path on our right.

A child following him and apparently trying to catch up attempted to follow the same path but instead cannoned straight into my partner, who was a few days short of her 85th birthday and is registered as severely sight impaired.

She did not know what hit her, but she was knocked flat, concussed and has no memory of the incident.

We were grateful to the staff from the Splash, who were most helpful.

Amazingly, a letter of enquiry about the regulations was handed in at the Council House for the head of customer and environmental services the following day but has as yet produced no reply.

Is this a unique accident? Do your readers know what steps are taken to ensure the safety of park users whether young or elderly?

Barry Barber