I PURCHASE the Ledbury Reporter every Friday and notice the large number of properties for sale or to let from low to high prices in the Ledbury area.

This week (July 11) there were 32 such pages amounting to some 245 properties available for sale or rent.

This is almost every week, so why do we need to build so many new houses when these properties are available?

I now hear that members of Ledbury Cricket Club are in discussions to sell their ground and build new houses.

Are these 100 houses in addition to those 800 (objected to by Ledbury residents) that are to be built north of the viaduct?

Like the plans for a supermarket on Lawnside that residents do not want, will these be built without any consideration to Ledbury residents.

If all these properties are built Herefordshire Council will eventually collect nearly £2 million additional council rates every year from Ledbury alone, so do they consider Ledbury people? Not a thought.

Maurice Harding