IT is little wonder that members of the public are reluctant to report cases of wrongdoing when they are then criticised for their actions.

I heard the interview with local man David Tombs who spoke movingly and eloquently of his attempt to alert authorities in London about his concerns that paedophilia was prevalent in our region.

This was followed by a radio interview with Tim Yeo, MP for South Suffolk, who not only failed to answer the questions put to him, but also conducted himself in a way that came across as hostile and accusative towards Mr Tombs.

Mr Yeo could learn valuable lessons from David Tombs, a man of quiet dignity and enormous intergrity, whose behaviour contrasts with the uncharitable and contemptible manners of a member of our government.

At no point did Mr Yeo have the grace to thank Mr Tombs for having the courage to confront the problems he had recognised, and his attempts to make his discoveries known to the correct authorities.

Let us hope our own MP, Bill Wiggin, will support our local people in their efforts.

Well done, David, we are proud of you.

Jan Long

Bromsberrow Heath