VERY recent letters to the Gazette have correctly stated or implied that Hayslan fields is private land.

However, not one of the letters mentioned the fact that there is public access to the fields because they are crossed by three paths of public rights of way.

Perhaps the American letter writer in particular did not know this.

Hence, no one who uses these paths can be considered guilty of demanding access to private land, the access is already legally provided.

There seems the notion that the majority of people who use the fields are dog-walkers, but the fields are used by many others in the community.

It provides a pleasant walking route to several destinations, such as from Pickersleigh up and down to town.

The fields also provide parents and children with a walking route to the Grove School.

The elderly who can no longer climb the hills can slowly amble around its flat paths, look up and take in the scenic and special beauty of the hills.

There is also the suggestion that the fields are only of benefit to those communities which surround them.

They are available to the wider Malvern public and when viewed from the top of the hills they provide an island of green which separates out the urban sprawl.

The significance of these fields was not lost on Malvern Hills District Council, who tried unsuccessfully to buy them (costs too high), while the planning inspectorate has stated that they are an asset to Malvern.

The cause and issue that many honest people strive for is that the planning status of these fields remain as public urban green space.

Tom Eustace

Secretary Pickersleigh Residents’ Group