THE fortunate resident with a car and trailer no longer than 1.3 metres can visit the dump frequently for free.

Anyone without a car and has to rely on Malvern Hills District Council to collect the 240-litre brown wheelie bin at £70 for the full year service.

The council's green waste scheme compares extremely badly with just £36 anywhere in Gloucestershire (and if you are receiving housing or council tax benefits the cost is reduced to just £18 a year).

Residents in Birmingham recently showed their disgust at the increase in their green waste charges – they dumped hundreds of bags containing green waste in the streets.

Malvern's green wheelie bin offering is a total disgrace as many people who use the service have no other legal means of disposing of their garden waste – no car or no trailer, and some are on very limited retirement income.

Residents with a trailer longer than 1.3metres (or a van) need a monthly-only permit.

Why not issue 'considerate neighbour permits' to people who have no trailer or van; the larger trailer owner can then use their own permit for their own waste and the considerate neighbour permit on request.

Martin Lawrence

Malvern town councillor