HOW lovely to be able to write this letter of thanks in celebration of kindness.

My son lost his bus ticket a few weeks ago on his way home from school on the 362/364 bus from Worcester to Upton.

The first kindness was from the bus driver, who would have been within his rights to ask for further payment, but I assume he recognised him and allowed him to get on the bus – thank you!

A gentleman on the bus obviously watched as my son frantically searching all his bags for the weekly ticket, probably in fear of what mum would say when he told her he had lost it, and as he got off the bus he handed him the bus fare.

This gentleman hasn't travelled on the same bus as my son since; we would really like to pay that money back and say thank you in person.

Hopefully, both parties will read this heartfelt thanks; it is lovely to be reminded that there are a lot of kind people around us.

Joy Flanagan