ON Sunday I attended the very fine Upton Food and Beer Festival, but where was everyone else?

The sun shone, Melissa Cole's beer tasting sessions were excellent and the range of food and drink included more beers,ciders and perries than it would be possible for one person to sample.

I ate well too, and particularly enjoyed afternoon tea from Hetty's cake shop.

As a bonus there was not one but two simultaneous stages featuring some excellent live music.

Seattle rock band Massey Ferguson closed the final evening session with a very professional set that had everyone on their feet as they played their only gig in "Uptonshire".

Trouble was there was hardly anyone left on site by this time, and the bar was giving the excess beer away.

Clearly, the event was set up to cater for far bigger numbers than actually attended and it was good, so why such a poor turnout?

It would be a real shame if this were to deter the organisers from repeating the exercise next year.

Bill Bell

Hanley Castle