READING all the publicity surrounding the proposal to share a chief executive with Wychavon has left me open-mouthed in amazement.

As someone who has been involved in managing numerous re-organisations and restructurings I am staggered that only one option is being considered.

Not only is it undemocratic in the extreme, it is also likely to breach employment law.

And what of the future of Malvern Hills District Council?

If this happens we are at very serious risk of being swallowed up by Wychavon, a district more than half as big again as ours.

They already "host" our shared revenue and benefits service – a contract which has just – and conveniently – been extended by five years after only eight months.

Is Wychavon likely to agree to having their shared chief executive based in the smaller district?

And won't we then be told it makes sense to relocate other administrative functions to the same offices as the new chief executive?

While I have grave misgivings about Malvern Hills District Council's leadership, swapping to those so much farther away would be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

Colin Wigmore

Malvern Link