YOU were right to publish your story of councillor Jill Campbell's

resignation from the controlling Conservative group on Malvern Hills District Council.

She has rightly expressed her abhorrence at decisions being made behind closed doors and then presented to councillors at the last minute as a "done deal".

Examples include the introduction of wheeled bins and of planning decisions, democratically arrived at, being overturned to the benefit of greedy developers and against the wishes of local residents.

You neglected to mention, however, that, for the same reasons, she was

preceded in leaving that group by councillors Mike Soley (Link), David

Harrison (Kempsey) and Anthony Warburton (Alfrick and Leigh) – the latter often

described as the Conservative group's "conscience".

So, having lost its conscience, lacking the courage, and doubting its

ability to argue its case successfully, the council's tired leadership has

drifted into believing that what it thinks must be the correct and only

answer, and so debate is unnecessary.

Councillor Paul Swinburn may believe that the "implementation of the council's

policies" will proceed unhindered, particularly its latest crazy idea to

surrender all management to another council with big payouts all round.

But he should remember that May 2015 and the elections are now less than a year


Binding a future Malvern Hills District Council to forever being Wychavon's subservient customer is as outrageous as it is improper.

Sarah Rouse

Leigh Sinton