SO yet another tragic incident has occurred on the roads of Welland, which sadly will comes as no surprise to everyone who lives around Drake Street, Marlbank and Gloucester Road, who have long lobbied for something to be done to calm the traffic.

In Marlbank Road there is a primary school, young children walking to and from school, crossing the road, and getting of on and off school buses who are daily surrounded by thoughtless drivers in speeding cars, lorries, buses, even tractors all ploughing past and through the village.

A few months I was driving to work out of Welland along Drake Street when I came across workman filling potholes and resurfacing small stretches of the road.

There were the usual traffic lights but they were being further protected by a 10mph convoy vehicle leading cars past the men who were working behind the heavy machinery.

The workers' health and safety was thus assured by somebody who clearly knows of the dangers that speeding drivers pose around here.

But there is no sign of any health and safety policies or traffic calming near the school, and to cap it all the powers-that-be have, for some time now, even stopped deploying the safety camera van that was occasionally to be seen just up Marlbank Road from the school. Surely there is something very wrong somewhere when so much thought, and cost, has gone into protecting workmen from speeding drivers and nothing is being done to make the roads of Welland safer for pedestrians and schoolchildren?

Enough is enough. Something permanent must be done to calm traffic in Welland.

How many more need to be hurt before the people and children of Welland become as valuable as the workmen?

Chris Richards