HAS Herefordshire Council's policy to cut the grass three times a year become no grass cutting?

The grass verges around Ledbury are so long now that a child waiting to cross the road cannot be seen by drivers.

Is it going to take a fatal accident for the council to wake up and see sense?

When they do eventually get out into our towns I assume they will use combine harvesters to gather the hay, otherwise the cuttings will rot and add ‘smelly’ to unsightly.

I notice the latest saving is fortnightly bin collections. Yes, it works in other counties because they have separate arrangements for food waste collection. Clearly, our council has taken the saving without looking at the other side of the coin.

Councillor Harry Bramer is quoted as saying, "this enables us to focus on the key priorities of investing in services designed to make sure the children and adults live healthy and happy lives".

I would suggest that healthy and happy might include not having food waste sitting around for a minimum of two weeks and not having dangerous driving conditions on our roads.

Sadly, saving money in one area will lead to cost in another.

Might I suggest a 10 per cent reduction in council tax to compensate us all for the awful state of our market towns, and the establishment of food waste containers at the town hall. Finally, a serious look at the huge salaries paid to some of the senior council employees would appear appropriate if we are serious about these cuts.

Mike Hill