I AM deeply dispirited by the feeble attempts of Malvern Hills District Council to conform to true Tory principles.

They form a so-called and unnecessary alliance with the Liberal Democrats in order to further their political reach and then succeed only in promulgating weak and half-hearted policies. Where is the virtue in that?

When will we see true blue policies? Why, for example, have they not sold off and leased back the council cffices?

Why do we have such an inflated number of employees and councillors when our party calls for small government?

Instead of relying on pathetically small grants from central government to fund projects, why don't they take a more pro-active stance locally?

Could they not take a national lead and encourage road pricing?

Must we continue to allow free access to our magnificent Malvern spring water?

These neo-liberals need a jolt of reality if we are to see a return to the standards so exquisitely championed by the late Lady Thatcher.

Francis Whiston