KEITH Smith (Letters, May 14) feels the new property on Worcester Road, Malvern, is out of character and asked if the Malvern Civic Society commented on the planning application. We did comment. We understand that in the discussions with the original applicant the council made it clear they preferred a building which would not be seen as a pastiche of the nearby listed Regency properties, but rather would be of contemporary design and comparable in scale.

Whilst we did not feel this was a principle to oppose, we did have a number of concerns with the plans produced – notably the detailed finishes, in particular the proposed colour of the render, the design of the windows, and the external finish.

However, we were not consulted on the finally approved finishes, which are rather stark, although better than in the original plans.

We remain concerned about the landscaping of the site, which we have pursued with the council but have yet to receive a response.

Bob Tilley

Malvern Civic Society