THREE cheers for Julian Roskams seeking to find a constructive - in both senses - way out of the current developer-led housing debacle in the Malvern Hills District.

Yes, surely, presently unoccupied houses should be part of the solution. His idea for the establishment of the Council's own housing company, when there appears to be no other ideas around, must deserve serious consideration.

Parish Councils are being asked to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan, in particular to identify land for future housing and other development. On the face of it a good idea, it follows parish Plans and much trumpeted localism, neither of which have had the slightest effect on juggernaut, large-scale greenfield development threats in and around Malvern itself - one might say the country itself.

Move over David Hughes, who has acted throughout like a developers' agent and let others seek a solution that won't wreck our town.

CHARLES EDEN Madresfield