HOW about a scores-on-the-doors for a receptionists' welcome?

I've met excellent receptionists in Malvern but there are others.

In one practice that boasted a peaceful atmosphere the receptionists came out of meetings giggling and screaming.

At another the rules regarding appointments were confused and the justification for that again 'supported' by noisy giggles.

Some time ago at a vet's practice nobody said the pet was to have an anaesthetic, no form regarding risk was offered for signing and the owner, whose phones weren't working, had to return five times through the rain hoping to collect their pet, being told to wait another hour each time.

Failing CCTV, perhaps an unexpected Ofsted-type inspection would improve matters, as the practices will find they're losing custom and money through their receptionists' undisciplined behaviour.

Lucy Lane

Upper Colwall