I ATTENDED a small gathering at the Chase school in Malvern to listen to a 13-year-old boy playing a variety of pieces from Beethoven to Greig on a grand piano.

The boy's name is Kyle Hutchings, and the reason I give you his name is that after hearing him, I am convinced that he is Malvern's new Nigel Kennedy.

After only two year's tuition, his hands glided across the ivories, and his fingers flowed like water, rippling over the keys and producing beautiful interpretations beyond his tender years.

I understand that he is not the product of privilege or private education, which makes this young man even more special.

That explains why he was recently awarded a musical scholarship to be tutored in London. The problem Kyle has is that his family cannot afford a new piano for him to practise on, and the event on Wednesday was held to try to raise some much-needed money for that purpose.

Kyle will be holding a second event at the Chase in the summer, but if you have some money to contribute to this exceptional young man's success, please do so.

It would be something special to know that you had contributed to the success and fame of the equivalent of another Nigel Kennedy.

Will Richards

Malvern town councillor