WITH Barwood applying for outline planning permission to build up to 150 homes on land adjacent to Hayslan Road and a "sustainable transport plan" that probably anticipates two vehicles per dwelling (the standard provision), the quality of this potential development is a serious worry.

One-hundred-and-fifty homes plus parking space will mean meagre internal spatial standards.

Three-hundred vehicles would mean more pollution and more congestion.

With the coalition Government scrapping the highly progressive Code for Sustainable Housing, the developer Barwood – or another if the site is sold on – will probably maximise profit by skimping on energy efficiency and water conservancy measures, ignoring possibilities of community/micro energy generation biomass, solar, etc. as well as by cramming in as many tiny homes as possible into a relatively small location.

Decent homes require decent sized rooms to live in, safe and expansive green areas for children to play, clean air and low fuel bills.

If the district council does grant planning permission, it must apply rigorous social and environmental conditions. It has the power to do this.

People's psychological and physical health and future community wellbeing will depend on it.

Dr John Blewitt


Malvern Hills Green Party