I AM writing in reference to the recent news articles on Chase School in Malvern and the funding pressure it faces.

Schools across Malvern Hills are under undue pressure due to the way they are funded, compounded by the change to academy status forced by this government.

All teaching staff are feeling the pressure and uncertainty under Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Gove promised on January 15 while in Worcester a better deal for Worcestershire schools prior to the 2015 general election.

So, why hashe given this promise and delivered nothing – instead preferring to plough millions into free school vanity projects in the South East. Where is our incumbent MP on supporting local schools?

Worcestershire has stood at 145 out of 151 local authorities when it comes to school funding. We are currently £3,600 worst off per pupil than some areas of the country. Compared with a local area such as Birmingham we are £20 million worse off than them in terms of funding for schools over the last 20 years. Those schools with a higher number of sixth form pupils, such as Chase School, are even harder hit.

There is clearly a huge inequality in funding to Worcestershire as a whole, but despite this Malvern has some fantastic schools led by extremely hard working head teachers, teachers and teaching assistants.

It’s time to support them and ensure that they are funded correctly to ensure we continue to get the best for our children.

Daniel Walton

Parliamentary candidate, West Worcestershire Labour Party